FWA - Mobile of the day, March 09 2014
  • "She always thinks elfs buy tooth-paste..."
  • "Why should I pay back money when I just can find new friends..."
  • "I feel like I always pay more..."
  • "It was awesome vacation until he said I owe him 200$!"

Easily track your

collective expenses

Budgy — the only app designed to let friends stay friends, when the money are on the line! For any situation when you need to split the bill (i.e. rent, dinner, groceries) here is a great interface which allows to keep track of all the expenses and stay away from any arguments on what is everybody`s share.

This is especially handy when a budget has repeated payments over extended periods of time, or features numerous positions, which are difficult to keep track of. Budgy is not a standard budget app. You won`t find currency converters, calculators or expenditure analysis.

Here we simply keep everything organized and let you know how much you owe to your friend after a dinner at the restaurant, taxi ride or a snack during a Disneyland visit.


Create a budget for every need. Add as many budget contributors as you need. You can always locate budget with a search option.


Our app will effortlessly calculate all the payments and how much everybody owes or owed to.


You can make pictures of bills and save them, specify date and payment.

Split payments

Split if someone entered more or less than everybody else.


Enter all dept returns in real time and track every participants balance in the budget.


Looking up particular payments, and sending out reports to emails of the participants.


All closed or unnecessary payments are transferred to the archive.


Where they can be easily retrieved if needed again.

The only app designed

to let friends stay friends!

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