Does India Need 5G Technology? Benefits of Using 5G

Does India Need 5G Technology: The work of setting up 5G technology in India has been intensified. However, there are things we need to know about the demand for 5G in India.

Get network service at a low cost. At the same time, 5G technology is required to provide quality bandwidth and a good speed network. As the sales of 5G phones have started in the gadgets market, people who are interested in gadgets have started buying them.

Does India Need 5G Technology

Before knowing about 5G we need to know about the network that came before it.

  • 1G- came out in the 1980s. This analog voice was brought
  • 2G- Released in the 1990s. This brought in Digital Voice CDMA (CDMA).
  • 3G- Released in 2000. Mobile data and essential services are provided.
  • 4G- Released in 2010. Smartphones and mobile broadband are introduced.
  • 5G- 5G brings 4 network integrated services, high-speed download, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

The IT department has said that 5G network services will start in 13 cities in August and September 2022.

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