Russian Journalist to help Ukrainian Children by Bidding Nobel Prize for Rs 808 crore

Russian Journalist to help Ukrainian Children: Dmitry Muradov, editor-in-chief of Russia’s Novaya Cassette newspaper. She is the recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize in association with Maria Reza, a journalist from the Philippines. Both were awarded the Nobel Prize for their contributions to freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, Muradov of Russia has auctioned off his Nobel Prize for the benefit of Ukrainian children affected by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. A person from New York in the United States is said to have auctioned the Nobel Prize for Rs 808 crore. Muradov is planning to spend the auction on war-affected Ukrainian children living in exile. Muradov said in a video recording of the war that the purpose of the war was to show the world that war was taking place and that its goal was to help more than half of the people affected.

Russian Journalist to help Ukrainian Children

Murado’s Novaya Cassetta is Russia’s only newspaper that continues to criticize the actions of the Russian state. Not active after Russia invades Ukraine. Novaya Cassetta suspended its operation after Russia enacted legislation punishable by imprisonment for publishing critical news about the war.

The magazine was launched in 1993 after the break-up of Soviet Russia. Since 2000, six Novaya media investigative journalists have been assassinated for their activities. Muradov presented his Nobel Prize to six victims.

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