Sri Lankan government lowers age limit for women working abroad

Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has announced a reduction in the minimum age limit for women to work abroad. Sri Lanka, one of India’s neighbors, is facing a severe economic crisis. Despite the formation of a new government in Sri Lanka and many changes, it is still in dire straits, unable to obtain adequate funding.

Thus there is a severe shortage of fuel and food. Not only this, many trade sectors in Sri Lanka have deteriorated. The Sri Lankan government has decided to launch various measures to recover from the economic crisis. In that sense, the minimum age for women to work abroad has been reduced from 23 to 21.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis
Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

The Sri Lankan government has taken this as a step towards recovering from the economic crisis. It may be recalled that the Sri Lankan government had earlier imposed an age limit for going abroad to work following the brutal murder of a 7-year-old Sri Lankan girl working in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Meanwhile, After 30 years, the Sri Lankan team has won the ODI series against Australia on home soil. Sri Lanka won the 4th ODI by 4 runs in Colombo and won the series 3-1.

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