Thalapathy Vijay Birthday: King of the Tamil cinema box office ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay

Coming to his 48th birthday today, Box Office Man Commander Vijay is currently emerging as the inevitable collection hero of Tamil cinema.

As technology grows, fans’ expectations of movies are traveling to the next level. It is safe to say that the word ‘festival’, which was slowly disappearing in the late ’90s, has now completely disappeared from Tamil cinema. During the MGR Shivaji era, a movie was running in theaters for years.

But at the beginning of the 20th century, if a film ran for 100 days, it would be a great achievement. But now in the next one week after the release of the film, they are saying whether the film is a success or a failure. In fact, they celebrate the success of the film within a week of its release.

Although it was the time when the festival was celebrated, Commander Vijay is now traveling successfully in his own style, even during the period of determining the success or failure of the film in a single week. Debuting as a child star, Vijay made his acting debut in the 1992 film Tomorrow’s Judgment and initially starred in a few films directed by his father SA Chandrasekhar.

Poove Unakaga, released in 1996 under Vikram’s direction, was the first film in Vijay’s cinematic career to give him a huge success. Since then, Vijay has become one of the hallmarks of Tamil cinema with many successful films and is now emerging as a superstar actor of today’s generation of fans. It is doubtful whether the next generation of actors will reach this stage in an environment where the use of websites is empowering. 

Thalapathy Vijay
Thalapathy Vijay

Current fans are changing their taste. The mood of those who enjoy the film anyway has changed and they have started to explore what is new in the film which was in other films. Truth be told, people now come to theaters only for blockbusters. Most films fail to make a mark at the box office except for a few films that do not have large-scale scenes.

Known as the last superstar of the Tamil box office, actor Vijay has created a huge market for box office hits by being well-received for all kinds of movies he has acted in. Unimaginable, some of the films even hit the world box office for Rs. Has collected over Rs 200 crore.

For example, his last film was Beast. Written and directed by Nelson, the film received rave reviews. But these reviews did not have any impact on the film’s box office receipts. Vijay has achieved such a feat amidst the corona infection, the onslaught of streaming services, and global inflation.

Vijay also comes from some unpleasant actions, although it seems that he can not cope. His films are said to follow a template. Some punch lines, some dances. Filmmakers need to create an interesting story within this circle as some fight scenes become mass scenes.

Vijay’s star status does not allow him to fit into the world of a fantastic story. Instead, the filmmakers have to prepare a story with Vijay in mind. This story should be in line with Vijay’s market. When it comes to movies of this genre it restricts options. Nothing heroic, new, emotional, or unusual comes to his table.

But when Vijay is the box office king, why can’t he come out of his circle at least once a year and take the risk? He acts with the mindset of not losing the market and at the same time expanding his fan base further.

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