WhatsApp will soon Introduce an Option to Hide Online Status – WhatsApp New Update

WhatsApp New Update: WhatsApp will soon bring an option to hide your online status.

Millions of people worldwide use WhatsApp. It is well known that WhatsApp was down for a few hours this year and the consequences it had. In this case, WhatsApp is going to bring some change in its options. In a screenshot recently published by Wabeeta Info, WhatsApp is about to bring an option that WhatsApp users have waiting for for a long time.WhatsApp New Update

WhatsApp New Update

You can hide your online status on WhatsApp if you want. You can make your Last Scene visible only to those you intend to show it to.

For this WhatsApp gives you two options: “EVERYONE” and “same as last seen”. You can set your Last Seen so that only people in your contact list can see it. Thus people who are not in your contact list and you are online. Don’t know if your ‘ were last seen. It is said that initially, only iOS users will be able to use WhatsApp. It is also expected to be available to Android phone owners as soon as possible.

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