Allen County Treasurer Warns Homeowners of Tax Sale Scam

The Allen County Treasurer’s office has issued a warning to taxpayers about a recent scam targeting homeowners. Several residents in Allen County have reported receiving phone calls or text messages claiming that their property is headed for tax sale or has already been placed in the sale. These fraudulent messages threaten homeowners with the possibility of losing their homes.

The Scam Details

The scam involves impersonating the treasurer’s office and creating panic among homeowners. However, it’s essential to know that the Allen County Treasurer’s office does not initiate such communications. Legitimate notifications about tax sale properties are not made via phone calls or texts.

Homeowner tax scam

Protect Yourself

If you receive any suspicious messages related to property taxes, follow these steps:

  1. Hang Up or Delete: If you get a call or text claiming your property is in danger of tax sale, hang up immediately or delete the message.
  2. Verify with the Treasurer’s Office: When in doubt, call the Allen County Treasurer’s office directly at 260-449-7693 to confirm the status of your property taxes.
  3. Sign Up for Property Fraud Alerts: Consider signing up for the free property fraud alert service offered by the recorder’s office. Contact them at 260-449-7165 or visit Allen County Recorder’s Office for more information.

Remember, vigilance is crucial in protecting yourself from scams. Stay informed and report any suspicious activity promptly.

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