Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Resembles Marge Simpson

In a delightful twist of history, an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus lid has captured the internet’s attention due to its uncanny resemblance to Marge Simpson from the popular TV show “The Simpsons.” Let’s explore this intriguing discovery:

The “Marge Simpson” Sarcophagus

  • The Find: In October 2023, Egyptian archaeologists unveiled a trove of artifacts from a New Kingdom cemetery in Tuna El-Gebel. Among these treasures was a sarcophagus lid featuring an image of the goddess Nut.
  • The Resemblance: The illustration on the sarcophagus lid bears an eerie similarity to Marge Simpson, the iconic blue-haired character. Of course, this ancient image predates “The Simpsons” by several millennia, making it a fascinating coincidence.

Marge Simpson sarcophagus

Tada Ist and Her Resting Place

  • The Occupant: The sarcophagus housed the remains of Tada Ist, daughter of Irt-Heru, the High Priest of Djehuty in Hermopolis.
  • Other Discoveries: Alongside Tada Ist’s mummy, archaeologists found two wooden boxes containing her canopic jars, Ushabti statues, and a statue of the funerary deity Ptah-Sokar.
  • The Papyrus Scroll: A remarkable find was a roll containing the first complete papyrus discovered in the Garifa area. Preliminary studies suggest it spans approximately 43 to 50 feet and contains detailed writings from the Book of the Dead.

While the resemblance to Marge Simpson is purely coincidental, this ancient sarcophagus continues to captivate imaginations and connect us across time.

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