Fort Wayne Activates Cooling Stations in Anticipation of Scorching Week Ahead

In response to the forecasted heat wave, Fort Wayne has announced the opening of multiple cooling stations to provide relief from the soaring temperatures expected to hit the city.

Community Cooling Efforts

The city has designated several locations as cooling stations, including public buildings and community centers, which will be open to the public during peak heat hours.

Fort Wayne Cooling Stations Summer

Staying Safe in the Heat

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of these cooling stations to avoid heat-related illnesses. The stations will offer air-conditioned spaces and water to help people stay hydrated and cool.

Extended Support for Vulnerable Populations

Special attention is being given to the elderly, children, and those with medical conditions who are most at risk during extreme heat events. The city’s initiative aims to ensure that no one is left without a safe haven from the heat.

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