Fort Wayne’s Get Green Fest: A Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Fort Wayne is gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day with the annual Get Green Fest, a family-friendly event that paints the town green with festivities and community spirit. Hosted by the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters, the festival is a beloved tradition that brings together people of all ages to celebrate Irish culture and the onset of spring.

Emerald Entertainment

The Get Green Fest is a day-long extravaganza filled with activities that cater to everyone. The morning kicks off with the 5-Kilt Run/Walk, a spirited race that weaves through the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. Participants don their kilts and running shoes, embodying the festival’s lively spirit.

As the race concludes, the St. Mary’s River undergoes a magical transformation. Mimicking Chicago’s famous river greening, Fort Wayne firefighters use eco-friendly vegetable dye to turn the waters a brilliant shade of emerald, drawing crowds to the Carole Lombard Memorial Bridge for a view of the spectacle.

Get Green Fest Fort Wayne river greening

The fun continues with the Gold Coin Drop, where children gather in anticipation as a leprechaun descends from a fire truck ladder, showering the crowd with shiny tokens. It’s a moment of joy and laughter, as kids scramble to collect their share of the “pot of gold.”

Culinary Delights and Gaelic Games

No festival is complete without a feast, and Get Green Fest delivers with an array of local food trucks serving up both traditional Irish fare and modern culinary creations. The air is filled with the aroma of corned beef, cabbage, and freshly baked soda bread, inviting festival-goers to indulge their taste buds.

The afternoon is marked by the Lucky Charms Eating Contest, a light-hearted competition that sees participants of all ages racing to finish bowls of the iconic cereal. Winners take home not just a full stomach, but also bragging rights and a trophy to commemorate their victory.

In the heated event tent, the celebration continues with music, dancing, and activities for the little ones. DJ Jason Spuller sets the tone with a mix of Irish tunes and contemporary hits, ensuring the energy remains high throughout the day.

Community and Charity

Get Green Fest is more than just a celebration; it’s a means of giving back. Proceeds from the event support local charities, including the Boys & Girls Club, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and many others. It’s a testament to the generosity of Fort Wayne’s citizens and their commitment to supporting those in need.

As the sun sets on Fort Wayne, the green glow from the river serves as a reminder of the day’s festivities and the community’s unity. The Get Green Fest is not just a prelude to St. Patrick’s Day; it’s a celebration of Fort Wayne’s heart and soul.

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