Linzell Parhm’s Cousin Speaks Out About Body Camera Footage Released Tuesday

In a riveting turn of events, the body camera footage from the tragic incident involving Linzell Parhm has come to light. The video, released on Tuesday, provides a chilling glimpse into the moments leading up to the fatal encounter. As the public grapples with questions of accountability and transparency, Parhm’s cousin steps forward to share their perspective.

The Unveiling of the Footage

The footage begins with an eerie silence—the calm before the storm. Officers approach Parhm, their flashlights illuminating the darkness. The tension is palpable. What unfolds next is a heart-wrenching sequence—a life hanging in the balance.

Linzell Parhm protest

A Desperate Plea for Clarity

Parhm’s cousin, her voice trembling, addresses the media:

“We need answers. Why did they turn off their mics? Why did they shut off their cameras? Linzell deserved better.”

The video captures officers huddled in a circle, their voices muted. The audio blackout leaves us wondering: What crucial conversations occurred during those silenced moments?

Demands for Transparency

Activists rally outside the police station, demanding justice. They call for an independent citizen oversight board—a safeguard against abuse of power. The Akron Police Department faces mounting pressure to address the audio blackout and provide a public apology to Parhm’s family.

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