Lobbyist Arrested for Assaulting School Board Member in Florida

St. Cloud, Florida – In a shocking turn of events, former Florida state representative Mike Horner has been arrested and charged with battery on an elected official. The alleged victim is Jon Arguello, a conservative Osceola County School Board member who is currently running for the Florida Senate.

Incident Details

The incident reportedly occurred at a barbecue restaurant in St. Cloud. A video posted by Arguello on social media captures the heated exchange between the two. Arguello was in the middle of a statement when Horner interrupted, demanding that he stop recording. Tempers flared, and Horner reached for Arguello’s camera, leading to accusations of assault. Arguello, known as the “Only conservative School Board Member in Osceola,” wasted no time in sharing the video and his account of the incident.

Mike Horner arrest

Political Implications

Arguello’s candidacy for the Florida state Senate race in District 25 adds political significance to this altercation. As the campaign season heats up, any negative publicity can impact candidates’ chances. Horner’s arrest could potentially sway voters’ opinions, making this incident a focal point in the upcoming elections.

Legal Ramifications

Horner’s $2,500 bond and the court order prohibiting contact with Arguello highlight the seriousness of the charges. Anthony Sabatini, an attorney and former Republican Florida state representative, has pledged to represent Arguello in a lawsuit against Horner. The legal battle promises to be closely watched by both political circles and the public.

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