Viking Ship Discovered at Norway’s Historic Jarlsberg Manor

Archaeologists have made an extraordinary discovery at Norway’s Jarlsberg Manor: the remains of a Viking ship. Buried rivets alerted experts to the presence of this ancient vessel, which may have played a significant role in the burial of a Viking king named Bjørn Farmann. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable find and explore its historical significance.

The Jarlsberg Manor Site

In 2018, a metal detector survey conducted at Jarlsberg Manor revealed scattered traces of iron rivets. These rivets, used to fasten parts of a ship together, hinted at the presence of a Viking ship beneath the field.

Viking ship burial

Bjørn Farmann: The Viking King?

Theories abound regarding the identity of the Viking buried with this ship. According to Snorri’s sagas, Bjørn Farmann, son of Harald Fairhair, met a tragic end at the hands of his brother Eric. The site’s damaged condition due to years of plowing makes it challenging to confirm, but the possibility of it being Bjørn Farmann’s ship grave adds intrigue to this remarkable discovery.

The Viking ship at Jarlsberg Manor offers a glimpse into the past—a testament to the seafaring culture, rituals, and history of the Norse people. As archaeologists continue their work, we eagerly await further insights into this fascinating find.

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