X Games 2024: The Highlights and History Makers of Aspen

The X Games 2024, the world’s premier winter sports event, concluded on Monday with a spectacular display of skills and stunts from the best athletes in snowboarding and freestyle skiing. The four-day event, held at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, featured 14 medal events and several non-medal events, such as the knuckle huck and the street style. Here are some of the most memorable moments and achievements from the X Games 2024.

Chloe Kim Makes History with a 1260

Chloe Kim, the Olympic and X Games champion in women’s snowboard superpipe, added another feather to her cap by becoming the first woman to land a 1260 in competition. The 1260 is a trick that involves three and a half rotations in the air, and it is considered one of the most difficult maneuvers in snowboarding. Kim pulled it off in her victory lap, after securing her seventh X Games gold medal with a score of 96.66. Kim, who is also the first woman to land back-to-back 1080s in competition, said she was inspired by watching the men’s event and wanted to push herself to try something new.

Scotty James Extends His Winning Streak

Scotty James, the Australian snowboarder who dominated the men’s superpipe event in recent years, continued his winning streak by claiming his fourth consecutive X Games gold medal. James, who also won the Olympic bronze medal in 2018, impressed the judges with his amplitude, style and technicality, scoring 94.33 in his final run. James faced a strong challenge from Japanese riders Hirano Ayumu and Kunitake Hiroaki, who finished second and third respectively. James said he was happy to share the podium with them and praised their performances.

X Games 2024

Ailing Eileen Gu Wins Three Medals in Her X Games Debut

Ailing Eileen Gu, the 18-year-old freestyle skier who won two gold medals and a silver medal at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, made her X Games debut in style by winning three medals in three events. Gu, who represents China but was born and raised in the United States, won the gold medal in women’s ski slopestyle, the silver medal in women’s ski superpipe, and the bronze medal in women’s ski big air. Gu, who is also a model and a student at Stanford University, said she was honored to compete at the X Games and grateful for the opportunity to showcase her skills and passion.

Birk Ruud and Tess Ledeux Defend Their Slopestyle Titles

Birk Ruud of Norway and Tess Ledeux of France successfully defended their titles in the men’s and women’s ski slopestyle events, respectively. Ruud, who also won the Olympic gold medal in 2022, scored 95.66 in his final run, which included a switch triple cork 1620 and a leftside double cork 1620. Ruud edged out his compatriot Ferdinand Dahl, who took the silver medal with 93.00, and Alex Hall of the United States, who took the bronze medal with 92.33. Ledeux, who also won the Olympic silver medal in 2022, scored 94.00 in her final run, which included a switch leftside 1080 and a rightside double cork 1260. Ledeux beat Sarah Hoefflin of Switzerland, who took the silver medal with 91.66, and Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland, who took the bronze medal with 90.33.

Other Notable Performances and Results

  • Mark McMorris of Canada won his 20th X Games medal, the most by any winter athlete, by taking the gold medal in men’s snowboard big air. McMorris landed a backside triple cork 1620 and a frontside triple cork 1620, scoring 94.66 and 93.00 respectively. McMorris also won the bronze medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle, behind Red Gerard of the United States and Rene Rinnekangas of Finland.
  • Anna Gasser of Austria won her fourth X Games gold medal by taking the top spot in women’s snowboard big air. Gasser landed a cab double cork 1260 and a backside double cork 1080, scoring 94.00 and 92.00 respectively. Gasser also won the silver medal in women’s snowboard slopestyle, behind Murase Kokomo of Japan and ahead of Onitsuka Miyabi of Japan.
  • Colby Stevenson of the United States won his third X Games gold medal by taking the first place in men’s ski knuckle huck, a non-medal event that showcases creativity and style. Stevenson impressed the judges with his nose butter triple cork 1620 and his switch leftside double cork 1080 stalefish.
  • Mia Brookes of Great Britain, the youngest competitor at the X Games 2024 at 15 years old, won her first X Games medal by taking the gold medal in women’s snowboard knuckle huck, another non-medal event. Brookes showed her flair and finesse with a frontside 180 late shifty and a backside 180 late shifty.

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