Allen County invites residents to design new flag for bicentennial

Allen County, Indiana, is preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2024 with a series of events and activities. One of the highlights of the bicentennial commemoration is the creation of a new flag for the county, which will replace the current one that has been in use since 1963.

Bicentennial logo unveiled

The Allen County Board of Commissioners and the Allen County Bicentennial Executive Planning Board held a press conference on October 16, 2023, to unveil the new bicentennial logo and announce the upcoming celebration. The logo features the colors of the county’s seal, blue and copper, and incorporates symbols of the county’s history, culture, and landscape. The logo includes a depiction of the county courthouse, one of the most iconic buildings in the area, surrounded by trees. The logo also shows the rivers, fields, and roads that make up the physical environment of the county. The turtle is a symbol of the Miami tribe, who inhabited the land before European settlers. The board said they contacted the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma for permission to use the turtle in the logo.

The board said the logo represents the theme of the bicentennial: “Remember our past, celebrate our present, and imagine our future.” The board also said they want the public to participate in the celebration by following along as plans develop on the bicentennial website,

Flag design contest launched

One of the ways the public can get involved in the bicentennial is by submitting a design for the new Allen County flag. The county commissioners said they decided to pursue a new flag design to go with the county’s new logo and colors. The current flag, which features a blue background with a white star and the county seal in the center, was adopted in 1963 as part of the county’s sesquicentennial celebration.

Allen County invites residents to design new flag for bicentennial

The flag design contest will open online at on January 1, 2024, and close on March 29, 2024. Any Allen County resident can submit a flag design for consideration. The board will then select some of the design submissions for the public to vote on. The public will choose the top three designs, and the county commissioners will then vote to decide which design will be the new and official Allen County flag.

The board said they are looking for a flag that is simple, distinctive, and meaningful. The flag should reflect the identity and values of Allen County and its residents. The flag should also follow the basic principles of flag design, such as using two or three colors, avoiding lettering or seals, and being easily recognizable.

Bicentennial celebration planned

The new flag will be one of the symbols of the bicentennial celebration, which will last for nine months, from April 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. The board said they are planning various events and activities to mark the occasion, such as historical exhibits, cultural festivals, educational programs, community projects, and more. The board said they want to showcase the diversity, achievements, and potential of Allen County and its people.

The board also invited organizations and individuals to sign up as bicentennial affiliates or volunteers on the website. The affiliates are groups or entities that want to host or sponsor an event or activity related to the bicentennial. The volunteers are people who want to help with the organization and execution of the celebration. The board said they welcome any ideas and suggestions from the public on how to make the bicentennial a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

The board said they are excited and honored to lead the bicentennial celebration and hope that it will foster a sense of pride, unity, and optimism among the residents of Allen County.

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