Bodycam Videos Reveal the Miraculous Rescue of a Man Trapped in His Crashed Truck for Six Days

A man from Indiana survived a horrific crash that left him trapped in his truck under a bridge for six days. Portage police have released bodycam videos that show the shocking rescue operation.

How the crash happened

Matt Reum, 27, of Mishawaka, was driving on I-94 on Dec. 20, 2023, when his truck moved to the right of the highway barrier, went airborne and rolled several times. The truck then moved to the left and eventually went underneath the bridge, shielding it from passersby above on the roadway and partially submerged in Salt Creek.

Six days passed and Reum was still trapped in his mangled truck. That is, until nothing short of a miracle happened on Dec. 26.

The fishermen who found him

Two fishermen – Mario Garcia and his son-in-law Nivardo Delatorre – ventured out to find fishing spots in the area when they came across Reum’s truck lodged underneath the bridge. They noticed that there was someone inside the vehicle and decided to check it out.

Man Trapped in His Crashed Truck for Six Days

They called 911 and reported their discovery. They also tried to communicate with Reum through the window, but he did not respond. They realized that he might be unconscious or injured and needed immediate help.

The police officers who responded

Portage police officers arrived at the scene shortly after receiving a call from Garcia and Delatorre. They saw that Reum’s truck was completely submerged in water and debris, making it difficult to access him.

They also saw that Reum’s legs were crushed under parts of the vehicle. They decided to use their bodycams to record their actions and document their rescue efforts.

They cut away the airbag and pushed back debris while reassuring Reum, saying, “We got you, buddy.” They asked him how far down his leg he could still feel and instructed him to pull his left arm inside the vehicle as they moved some of the debris away to help reach him.

Reum was then heard telling them that both of his legs were stuck under parts of the vehicle. Firefighters assisted officers with taking apart the truck and administering a bag of fluids to Reum.

Once night fell, crews began to get Reum onto a stretcher. Small cries escaped Reum as firefighters pulled him onto the stretcher and out of the truck. “Don’t forget to breathe,” Cpl. Tobey told Reum. “Just don’t take my pulse right now. It’ll probably scare you,” Reum said.

The hospital where he is recovering

Reum was airlifted from the scene to South Bend Memorial Hospital for treatment. As of Sunday, he remains hospitalized but is making positive strides in his recovery.

Portage police have released six separate videos from five different officers that captured 27-year-old Matt Reum’s rescue on Dec. 26, 2023. In one of them, Cpl. Tobey is seen approaching the crashed truck from behind as other officers are standing in front of him at the scene.

In another one, Officer York is seen speaking with Garcia and Delatorre who found Reum while they were scouring the area for fishing spots. Officer York also spoke with other officers reviewing Reum’s condition.

The videos show how brave and dedicated these officers are who risked their lives to save a stranger in need. They also show how lucky Reum is to have survived such a terrible accident.

Reim’s story is an example of how life can change in an instant and how miracles can happen when we least expect them.

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