Department of Corrections Hid Evidence in Use-of-Force Investigation, Documents Say

In a recent revelation, documents obtained by indicate that the Department of Corrections (DOC) may have concealed evidence during a use-of-force investigation involving Lieutenant Thomas Macholl. The investigation centered around an incident that occurred at Central High School on April 24, 2024. Here are the key details:

The Incident

On April 27, 2023, Lt. Macholl used a pressure technique known as a mandibular pressure point on an inmate who was acting violently and disruptively inside a transportation van. The technique successfully led to the inmate’s compliance, and he was safely moved into a secure cell. Lt. Macholl documented the incident six hours later.

Termination and Criminal Investigation

Despite the successful resolution of the situation, Lt. Macholl was terminated on May 8, 2023. The DOC Commissioner, Helen Hanks, even requested a criminal investigation by the Public Integrity Unit. Lt. Macholl, a former Connecticut State Trooper and Corrections Officer of the Year in 2016, expressed his readiness to fight against the administration’s attempts to end his career and potentially prosecute him.

The Personnel Appeals Board (PAB) later found no evidence of excessive force and ordered Lt. Macholl’s reinstatement. However, the DOC is appealing this decision, continuing the legal battle.

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