Rock Mudslides Cause Weekend Service Interruptions on Durango-Silverton Railroad

Durango, Colorado — The iconic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad faced unexpected challenges over the weekend due to rock mudslides along its scenic route. Here are the details:

The Durango-Silverton Railroad, renowned for its breathtaking journey through the rugged San Juan National Forest, encountered disruptions caused by rock mudslides. Passengers and rail enthusiasts were left in awe as the train navigated through the aftermath of these natural events.

Durango-Silverton Railroad mudslides

Service Interruptions

  • Route Affected: The 45.4-mile route from Durango to Silverton experienced delays and temporary closures.
  • Safety Measures: Crews worked diligently to clear debris and assess track conditions to ensure passenger safety.
  • Alternative Routes: Some passengers were rerouted via bus to reach their destinations.

The Scenic Experience

Despite the challenges, passengers still enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of the Animas River, highline views, and the rugged wilderness. The Durango-Silverton Railroad remains committed to preserving history and providing an authentic railroading experience.

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