Vigilance Against International Theft: FBI’s Advisory in Indiana

As the seasons shift towards warmer weather and families in Indiana plan their vacations, the FBI has issued a warning about an increased risk of break-ins by international theft groups. These criminals, often hailing from South American countries, are known for their organized operations targeting affluent neighborhoods during times when families are away from home.

The Rising Threat

The FBI’s recent advisory highlights a concerning trend of international theft groups operating with increasing boldness across Indiana. These groups are sophisticated, often conducting surveillance to learn the routines of their targets before striking. Their method of operation is consistent: they focus on the master bedroom, seeking high-end jewelry, accessories, and cash.

FBI advisory Indiana international theft groups

Preventative Measures

In response to this threat, the FBI has provided several recommendations to help Hoosiers protect their homes. These include varying daily routines, refraining from social media posts about vacation plans, and enhancing home security measures such as doorbell cameras and alarm systems. The FBI also advises taking photos of valuables and securing them, as well as avoiding keeping large amounts of cash at home.

Community and Law Enforcement Collaboration

The FBI is actively tracking these international theft groups and working closely with local law enforcement to intercept and mitigate the threat. Community awareness and cooperation are crucial in this effort. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity and to follow the FBI’s guidance to safeguard their homes and neighborhoods.

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