Firetruck Slides and Crashes on Icy Road in Imperial

A firetruck responding to an emergency call lost control and slid into several vehicles on an icy road in Imperial, Missouri, on Thursday morning. The incident was caught on camera by a nearby driver, who shared the video on social media. No one was seriously injured, but the firetruck and some of the cars were damaged.

Firefighters Were Heading to a House Fire

According to the Rock Community Fire Protection District, the firetruck was on its way to a house fire on Old Lemay Ferry Road around 8:30 a.m. when it encountered a patch of ice on Imperial Main Street. The driver tried to slow down, but the truck skidded and hit a pickup truck, a sedan, and a SUV before coming to a stop. The firetruck’s front bumper was ripped off and its windshield was cracked.

The firefighters on board the truck were not hurt, but they checked on the occupants of the other vehicles. One person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, while the others refused medical treatment. The firetruck was towed away from the scene.

House Fire Was Quickly Extinguished

Meanwhile, another firetruck arrived at the house fire and managed to put it out within 15 minutes. The fire was contained to the basement of the home, and no one was inside at the time. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but it is not believed to be suspicious.

Firetruck Slides and Crashes on Icy Road in Imperial

The Rock Community Fire Protection District said that the house fire and the firetruck crash were unrelated, and that the icy road conditions were the main factor behind the accident. The district also thanked the public for their support and prayers.

Icy Roads Pose a Danger for Drivers

The firetruck crash was one of many incidents that occurred on the icy roads in the St. Louis area on Thursday. Several schools and businesses were closed or delayed due to the weather, and authorities urged drivers to be cautious and avoid unnecessary travel.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, drivers should slow down, increase their following distance, and brake gently on icy roads. They should also steer in the direction of a skid if they lose control of their vehicle. Drivers should also check the road conditions before they head out, and have an emergency kit in their car.

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