Community Rallies to Support Beloved Railroad Volunteer

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Fort Wayne residents have banded together to support a cherished railroad volunteer, Andrew “Drew” Brackin, in his quest for a new wheelchair. This fundraiser exemplifies the local ethos of mutual aid and highlights the deep ties within the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society.

A Drive for Mobility and Independence

Drew’s dedication to the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is well-known, and his need for a new wheelchair has sparked a remarkable fundraising effort. The goal is to provide Drew with an industrial-strength, handcrafted wheelchair that can withstand the rigors of his volunteer work and active lifestyle.

The proposed wheelchair design includes a flame-resistant seat and run-flat all-terrain wheels, ensuring Drew can navigate the uneven terrain of the railroad with ease. Detachable tool bags are also part of the plan, aiming to give Drew the ‘creature comforts’ necessary for his daily tasks.

Fort Wayne Railroad Volunteer Fundraiser

The Heart of the Campaign

At the core of this fundraiser is the story of a man who has not let his physical limitations define his life. Drew’s contributions to the society, his mentorship of new members, and his hands-on approach to repairs and maintenance work are just a few examples of his invaluable involvement.

The campaign is as much about honoring Drew’s spirit as it is about meeting a practical need. It’s a celebration of his nearly eight years of marriage, his role as a father to his son Finn, and his passion for trains that he hopes to pass on to the next generation.

A Community’s Gesture of Gratitude

The fundraiser transcends the goal of acquiring a new wheelchair; it’s a gesture of gratitude from a community to one of its own. It’s a testament to Drew’s impact on those around him and a reflection of the society’s appreciation for his years of service.

This initiative is not just about Drew; it’s about setting an example of how communities can support individuals who give so much of themselves. It’s a story of resilience, camaraderie, and the collective effort to uplift one another.

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