Fort Wayne Urban League Reacts to FWPD Officer’s Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man

The Fort Wayne community is reeling from the tragic incident that unfolded on Saturday when a Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) officer shot and killed an unarmed man. The victim, identified as Linzell Parhm, was fatally wounded during an encounter with law enforcement officers. As the city grapples with grief and anger, the Fort Wayne Urban League has stepped forward to express its deep concern and demand accountability.

Outrage and Calls for Transparency

The shooting occurred in a residential neighborhood, leaving residents shocked and heartbroken. Witnesses report that Parhm was unarmed and posed no immediate threat to officers. The FWPD has released limited information about the incident, leading to widespread frustration. Community leaders, including the Urban League, are calling for a thorough investigation and transparency. They demand answers about the circumstances that led to Parhm’s death and seek justice for his family.

Fort Wayne vigil

Community Vigil and Unity

In response to the tragedy, a candlelight vigil was held at a local park, drawing hundreds of mourners. People from all walks of life gathered to honor Parhm’s memory and express their solidarity. The Urban League president, Angela Smith, addressed the crowd, emphasizing the need for systemic change. She urged community members to channel their grief into advocacy, pushing for reforms in policing practices and accountability measures. The vigil ended with a moment of silence, as attendees held candles and reflected on the loss of a beloved community member.

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