Friends of the GJ Union Depot Receive Letter of Support from Mesa County Commissioners

In a heartwarming development, the Friends of the Grand Junction Union Depot, Inc., a nonprofit corporation based in Grand Junction, Colorado, has received a letter of support from the Mesa County Commissioners. Let’s delve into the details.


The Grand Junction Union Depot, built in 1906, stands as a testament to our rich history. The Friends of the GJ Union Depot tirelessly champion its preservation and rehabilitation. Their mission extends beyond mere bricks and mortar; it’s about connecting us with our past in a meaningful way.

Grand Junction Union Depot restoration

A Letter of Encouragement

The Mesa County Commissioners recently penned a heartfelt letter to the Friends of the GJ Union Depot. In it, they expressed their admiration for the organization’s unwavering commitment to preserving this historic gem. The letter highlights the importance of community-driven efforts and the role the depot plays in our collective memory.

Looking Ahead

As the restoration efforts continue, the Friends of the GJ Union Depot remain steadfast. Their events, fundraisers, and educational initiatives keep the spirit of the depot alive. Whether it’s progress updates or volunteer opportunities, this dedicated group ensures that the Union Depot remains a vibrant part of Grand Junction’s landscape.

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