Delta County Deputy Cleared in Fatal Shooting After Car Chase

In a recent development, Delta County District Attorney Seth Ryan announced that no criminal charges will be filed against the sheriff’s deputy involved in the shooting death of 26-year-old Paige Pierce. The incident occurred following a car chase back in April. Let’s delve into the details.


On April 9, around 11:30 a.m., Delta County Sheriff’s Deputy Nolan Davis spotted Pierce’s car being driven without license plates on Colorado Highway 92 near Hotchkiss. When Davis attempted to pull her over, Pierce fled, leading to a high-speed pursuit.

Delta County car chase

The Chase and Fatal Encounter

During the chase, another sheriff’s deputy deployed “spike strips” to slow down Pierce’s car. As two of her tires were flattened, she turned into a long, dirt driveway. Deputy Davis followed her, anticipating that she might try to escape on foot. However, Pierce remained in her car.

Davis’ body camera footage captures the critical moment: Pierce’s car attempting to navigate a narrow stretch of the driveway between Davis, his patrol car, and a parked pickup truck. In that tense instant, Davis fired his weapon as Pierce’s car passed by, resulting in her death.

Self-Defense Argument

District Attorney Seth Ryan cited evidence suggesting that Deputy Davis acted in self-defense. Based on this, criminal charges cannot be filed against him. The decision has sparked controversy, with Pierce’s family planning to pursue legal action.

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