Grand Junction Lions Club to host 94th annual Carnival Parade

The Grand Junction Lions Club is gearing up for its 94th annual Carnival Parade, which will take place on February 18th, 2024, at 1 P.M. on Main Street. The parade is one of the oldest and largest traditions in the city, attracting thousands of spectators and participants every year.

A parade with a purpose

The Carnival Parade is not only a fun and festive event, but also a fundraiser for the Grand Junction Lions Club, which supports various local non-profits, charities, schools, and events. Since 1929, the club has provided over $8,000,000 to the community, with a simple mission: “Do the most good, for the most people, while having the most fun.”

Some of the beneficiaries of the club’s grants include the Colorado Mesa University Foundation, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, and the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach. The club also collects and distributes eyeglasses to those in need, both locally and internationally.

A parade with a history

The Carnival Parade has a long and rich history, dating back to 1930, when the club decided to organize a winter carnival to boost the morale and economy of the city during the Great Depression. The first parade featured floats, bands, clowns, and even a ski jump on Main Street.

Grand Junction Lions Club

Over the years, the parade has evolved and grown, incorporating different themes, costumes, and entertainment. Some of the memorable themes include “Salute to the Armed Forces”, “Wild West”, and “Hollywood”. The parade has also featured celebrities such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans.

The parade has also overcome some challenges, such as bad weather, war, and pandemic. In 1942, the parade was cancelled due to World War II, and in 2020, the parade was postponed due to COVID-19. However, the club has always found ways to adapt and continue the tradition, such as holding a virtual parade in 2020 and a drive-through parade in 2021.

A parade with a future

The Grand Junction Lions Club is optimistic about the future of the Carnival Parade, as it prepares for the 94th edition in 2024. The club hopes to make the parade bigger and better than ever, with more floats, bands, performers, and spectators. The club also hopes to raise more funds and awareness for the causes it supports, and to inspire more people to join its mission of service and fun.

The club invites everyone to save the date and join the celebration on February 18th, 2024, at 1 P.M. on Main Street. The parade will start at the 3rd and Main Street intersection and travel east on Main Street. The parade is free and open to the public, and will also be broadcasted live on local TV and online.

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