Grand Junction residents puzzled by missing ‘G’ sign on hill

The iconic ‘G’ sign that overlooks Grand Junction from the Bookcliffs has been missing since Monday morning, leaving many residents wondering what happened to it and who is responsible for its disappearance.

A local landmark gone missing

The ‘G’ sign, which stands for Grand Junction High School, has been a local landmark since 1936, when it was first installed by the school’s students. The sign is made of metal and concrete, and measures about 40 feet by 40 feet. It is visible from many parts of the city, and serves as a symbol of pride and identity for the community.

However, on Monday morning, March 7, 2024, many residents noticed that the sign was gone, leaving only a bare patch of dirt on the hill. Some thought it was a prank, while others speculated that it was stolen or vandalized. No one has claimed responsibility for the missing sign, and no official explanation has been given by the authorities.

A possible connection to a recent controversy

Some residents suspect that the missing sign may be related to a recent controversy involving the Grand Junction High School mascot, the Tigers. In February, the school district announced that it would change the mascot to the Redhawks, following a petition by some students and community members who argued that the Tigers name was offensive and insensitive to Native Americans.

The decision sparked a heated debate among the school and the community, with some supporting the change and others opposing it. Some alumni and residents expressed their displeasure by displaying signs and banners that read “Save the Tigers” and “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger” around the city.

Some of the supporters of the Tigers name have suggested that the missing ‘G’ sign may be a form of protest or retaliation by someone who is unhappy with the mascot change. However, no evidence has been found to support this theory, and no one has come forward to admit or deny any involvement in the incident.

A search for answers and solutions

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and the Grand Junction Police Department are investigating the case, and are asking for any information or tips from the public that may help them find the missing sign or the person or persons behind it. They are also looking into the possibility of using drones or helicopters to search the area for any clues or traces of the sign.

“G” missing from Grand Junction sign

Meanwhile, the Grand Junction High School administration and the school district are working on finding a replacement for the sign, and are considering various options, such as repairing the original sign if it is found, or creating a new sign with a different design or material. They are also seeking input from the students, staff, alumni, and community members on how to proceed with the project.

The school district has also issued a statement, saying that they are saddened and disappointed by the disappearance of the sign, and that they hope that it will be returned or recovered soon. They also said that they respect the diversity of opinions and perspectives on the mascot issue, and that they hope that the community will come together and support the school and its students.

A community reaction

The missing ‘G’ sign has sparked a lot of reactions and emotions among the Grand Junction residents, who have shared their views and feelings on social media and other platforms. Some have expressed their anger and frustration, while others have shown their support and solidarity. Some have also tried to make light of the situation, by making jokes or memes about the sign.

Here are some of the comments and posts that have been circulating online:

  • “Whoever took the G, please bring it back. It’s not funny, it’s disrespectful and hurtful to our school and our city.” – A Grand Junction High School student
  • “I can’t believe someone would do this. The G sign is part of our history and our identity. It’s like stealing the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.” – A Grand Junction resident
  • “Maybe the G sign went on vacation. Maybe it’s in Vegas or Hawaii. Maybe it’s having a good time. Maybe it will come back with a tan and a souvenir.” – A Grand Junction resident
  • “I don’t care about the G sign. I care about the Tigers. They should keep the Tigers name and mascot. That’s what matters to me.” – A Grand Junction High School alumni
  • “I think the G sign is a symbol of change and progress. It’s time to move on and embrace the new mascot, the Redhawks. They are more respectful and inclusive of our diverse community.” – A Grand Junction High School student
  • “I have an idea. Why don’t we make a new sign that says ‘GRAND JUNCTION REDHAWKS’ and put it on the hill? That would be awesome and cool.” – A Grand Junction resident

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