St. Mary’s Hospital partners with Grand Junction to build a new rec center

The city of Grand Junction and St. Mary’s Hospital have announced a collaboration to construct a new community recreation center that will include a therapy clinic and aquatic facilities.

A $3 million donation from St. Mary’s Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital, a part of Intermountain Health, has donated $3 million to the city of Grand Junction to support the building of a new community recreation center at Matchett Park. The donation is one of the largest ever for St. Mary’s and the first for a recreation center. The hospital’s president, Bryan Johnson, said the donation reflects the hospital’s mission to improve the health of the community and prevent chronic diseases.

The Grand Junction City Council approved the proposal on March 6, 2024, after a second hearing on the naming of the new community center recreation pools. The proposed name is ‘Intermountain Health St. Mary’s Regional Hospital Pools,’ and would include a leisure pool, a lap pool, and a wellness pool.

A therapy clinic and primary care services at the rec center

In addition to the $3 million donation, St. Mary’s Hospital will contribute another $1.5 million to open a clinic in the rec center for physical therapy and primary care visits. The city will lease the clinic space to St. Mary’s. Johnson said the clinic will offer an opportunity to provide integrated care to patients who can work with therapists and use the warm therapy pool.

St. Mary’s Hospital partners

St. Mary’s Hospital also expects to collaborate with the city on wellness education and health events at the rec center. Johnson said the partnership will help the hospital move beyond the walls of its facility and provide care to the community in a more accessible and convenient way.

A 100,000-square foot community recreation center by 2026

The new community recreation center will be built on 205 acres of Matchett Park, which the city acquired in 2000. The center will span more than 100,000 square feet and include sports courts, an indoor track, fitness and weight areas, and meeting spaces. The total budget for the project is estimated at about $82 million, with completion tentatively set for early 2026.

The project is funded by an increase in city sales and use taxes from 3.25 percent to 3.39 percent, which was approved by city voters in 2023. The taxes on cannabis sales also will fund the facility. The city hopes the new rec center will attract more visitors and residents to Grand Junction and enhance the quality of life and economic development of the area.

Grand Junction Mayor Anna Stout praised St. Mary’s Hospital for its “amazing gift” and said the city is excited to overdeliver on its promises to voters in constructing the rec center. She said the collaboration with St. Mary’s Hospital will benefit the health and well-being of the community for generations to come.

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