Mayor Tom Henry: A Legacy of Vision and Dedication

Fort Wayne, Indiana – Mayor Tom Henry, a five-term leader, passed away peacefully on Thursday, March 28, 2024, after a short battle with cancer. His legacy is one of pride, commitment, and unwavering dedication to the people of Fort Wayne.

A Visionary Leader

Mayor Tom Henry’s impact on Fort Wayne extended far beyond his time in office. He was a visionary who understood that economic development was not just about big projects that captured public attention. While the Riverfront project and other high-profile initiatives showcased his leadership, Mayor Henry also tackled less glamorous but equally vital issues. From wastewater treatment to infrastructure improvements, he saw these investments as essential for a growing and prosperous community.

Quiet Progress

Replacing a century-old sewer system or acquiring Aqua Indiana’s infrastructure might not have made headlines, but Mayor Henry knew their significance. His ability to select the right people to lead these projects set him apart from other government leaders. He cared deeply about Fort Wayne and its residents, often focusing on issues that others might overlook.

Fort Wayne skyline

A Personal Battle

Mayor Henry faced a personal battle alongside his public responsibilities. Grieving the loss of his wife, Cindy, to pancreatic cancer, he continued to pour energy into his work. Even as he battled late-stage stomach cancer, he remained committed to Fort Wayne. His passion for the city and its people never wavered.

A Lasting Legacy

As we walk past Parkview Field, enjoy our parks and trails, or paddle along the Riverfront, we’ll remember Tom Henry. His vision and dedication shaped our community, and we honor his memory with great respect.

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