Missing Colorado Teen Found in Lake East of Pueblo County

In a somber turn of events, the search for a missing 17-year-old from Colorado Springs has concluded. The teen initially disappeared while camping in Crowley County. Authorities focused their efforts around Lake Henry, situated just northeast of Ordway. On Friday afternoon, a dive team discovered the boy’s lifeless body in the water. The Crowley County Coroner suspects that drowning caused the tragic loss. The teen’s name will remain undisclosed until a full autopsy is completed. The community mourns this heartbreaking outcome.

Lake Henry sunset

The Search Effort

The Crowley County Sheriff’s Office received the call about the missing teen on Thursday night. Responders swiftly arrived at the lake and concentrated their search on the northeast side, where the teens had been camping. The recovery operation was both urgent and painstaking, as they combed the shoreline and depths of Lake Henry.

A Community in Grief

As news of the discovery spread, the community grappled with the loss. The lake, once a place of leisure and natural beauty, now holds a poignant memory. The circumstances surrounding the teen’s disappearance and subsequent tragedy remain under investigation. The coroner’s findings will shed light on whether any other factors contributed to the drowning.

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