Music at the Intersection 2024: Celebrating the Rhythms of Our Roots

From the West African coasts to the Caribbean islands, up through the Mississippi Delta, music flows like a river—a beating vein that feeds the soul. Born of struggle and grit, joy and liberation, it’s a resilient American rhythm—the hum of our river city and its sisters.

The Lineup

This fall in St. Louis, we celebrate the great spirits of blues, jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Over two days in the streets and greenscapes of Grand Center, we honor the giants who shaped our sound and call up a new wave. The 2024 lineup features an electrifying mix of artists:

Soulful musicians on stage

  • Black Pumas
  • Big Boi
  • Lettuce
  • Chingy
  • Chaka Khan
  • Trombone Shorty
  • Esperanza Spalding
  • Samara Joy

The Feast of Our Roots

Join us at Music at the Intersection as we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of musical heritage. Whether you sway to the blues, groove to jazz, or find solace in soul, this festival is a celebration of the human spirit expressed through melody and rhythm. Let the music carry you—because in these notes, we find our shared history and our collective heartbeat.

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