Woman Discovers Priceless 2,000-Year-Old Maya Vase in Maryland Thrift Store

Five years ago, Anna Lee Dozier stumbled upon a seemingly ordinary ceramic vase at a thrift store in Clinton, Maryland. Little did she know that her $3.99 bargain would turn out to be an ancient Maya artifact, crafted by Indigenous Mayan people in Mexico between 200 and 800 CE. Here’s the fascinating tale of this remarkable discovery:

The Thrift Store Find

  • The Vase: Anna Lee Dozier, a human rights advocate with experience working with Indigenous communities in Mexico, noticed the vase on a clearance shelf. Intrigued by its resemblance to Maya pottery, she decided to take it home as a memento of Mexico.
  • The Surprise: It wasn’t until Dozier visited the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City that she began to suspect the vase’s true age. Several Maya vases on display bore an uncanny resemblance to the one she had purchased.

Ancient Maya vase

The Ancient Maya Vase Returns Home

  • Authentication: After contacting the Mexican Embassy and providing photographs and dimensions of the vase, Dozier received confirmation that it was indeed an authentic Maya artifact.
  • Repatriation: Anna Lee Dozier willingly returned the vase to the Mexican government. A ceremony celebrating its repatriation was held in Washington, D.C., with Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Esteban Moctezuma Barragán in attendance.

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