Emerson Park to get a new skate park by the end of the year

The city of Grand Junction is set to begin the construction of a new skate park at Emerson Park, which will be a destination for skaters and wheelers from all over the Western Slope.

Community input shapes the design of the new skate park

The new skate park at Emerson Park is the result of a robust community engagement process that took place in 2023. Team Pain Skateparks, a national design-build firm with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, led the public meetings and the online feedback platform on EngageGJ.org. The skate community, along with other park users and residents, shared their ideas and preferences for the new facility.

Team Pain Skateparks incorporated the community input into their concept design, which emphasizes modern elements that are currently lacking in Grand Junction. The new skate park will feature an expansive street course, an intermediate bowl, and an advanced bowl. The design also integrates the mature tree canopy of Emerson Park, which will provide shade and aesthetic appeal.

City Council approves the project and the contract

Following the concept design, the City Council approved the project as a part of the 2024 budget. The project cost will not exceed the guaranteed maximum price of $2,906,875. In December 2023, the city approved a contract to complete the design and build the renovated park. The contract includes Team Pain Skateparks as the skatepark builder, the Austin Civil Group for civil engineering, and Kaart Planning for landscape architecture.

Emerson Park

The City Council expressed their excitement and appreciation for the new skate park project, which will enhance the parks and recreation system of Grand Junction. They also recognized the involvement and enthusiasm of the skate community, who attended the council meetings and provided valuable feedback.

Construction to begin in February and finish by the end of the year

The construction of the new skate park will begin on Monday, February 26, 2024, with the closure of Emerson Park. The contractors will first trim the trees and erect fencing around the park, and then start the park renovations. The construction is expected to continue through the summer and be completed by the end of the year.

The new skate park will be a state-of-the-art facility that will attract skaters and wheelers from near and far. It will also be a source of pride and enjoyment for the local community. The city of Grand Junction invites the public to follow the progress of the project on EngageGJ.org, where they can also find more details and renderings of the new skate park.

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