Shelby Stotts Indicted in 23-Year-Old ‘Angel Baby Doe’ Cold Case

Shelby Stotts, a Texas woman, has been indicted in connection with the 23-year-old cold case of ‘Angel Baby Doe,’ a newborn found abandoned and deceased in Johnson County, Texas. The case, which had remained unsolved for over two decades, saw a breakthrough with advancements in DNA technology. Stotts, now 48, faces charges of second-degree manslaughter for allegedly abandoning her newborn daughter, leading to the infant’s death. The indictment marks a significant step towards justice for the long-forgotten case.

The Discovery of ‘Angel Baby Doe’

In November 2001, a local resident discovered the lifeless body of a newborn girl wrapped in a jacket along a roadside in Johnson County, Texas. The infant, later named ‘Angel Baby Doe’ by investigators, still had her umbilical cord attached. The discovery shocked the community and prompted an extensive investigation. Despite numerous efforts, the identity of the baby and her mother remained unknown for years. The case grew cold, but it was never forgotten by the dedicated officers who continued to seek justice for the infant.

The breakthrough came when the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office enlisted the help of Othram, a company specializing in forensic DNA analysis. Using advanced genome sequencing, Othram developed a DNA profile for the infant, which led to the identification of Shelby Stotts as the biological mother. This crucial piece of evidence reopened the case and set the stage for Stotts’ indictment.

Angel Baby Doe

The Indictment and Charges

On July 1, 2024, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the indictment of Shelby Stotts on charges of second-degree manslaughter. According to the indictment, Stotts is accused of abandoning her newborn daughter in a roadside ditch and failing to seek prompt medical care after giving birth. The lack of medical intervention and failure to clamp the baby’s umbilical cord allegedly caused the infant to bleed to death. The indictment alleges that the child was alive and breathing at the time of birth, making Stotts responsible for her death through reckless actions.

The charges against Stotts are based on the laws in effect in 2001, when the incident occurred. The case has garnered significant attention, highlighting the advancements in forensic technology that made the indictment possible. The Attorney General’s Office emphasized the importance of holding those responsible for such tragedies accountable, even after many years.

Community Reaction and Ongoing Investigation

The indictment of Shelby Stotts has brought a mix of emotions to the Johnson County community. For many, it is a long-awaited step towards justice for ‘Angel Baby Doe.’ The case had left a lasting impact on the community, with residents and law enforcement officers alike feeling a deep sense of loss and responsibility. The dedication of the officers who kept the case alive for over two decades is a testament to their commitment to justice.

The community’s reaction has been one of relief and hope that the indictment will bring closure to a painful chapter. However, the investigation is ongoing, and authorities continue to gather evidence to build a strong case against Stotts. The use of forensic genealogy has opened new avenues for solving cold cases, providing hope for other unsolved mysteries. The case of ‘Angel Baby Doe’ serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and the impact of technological advancements in the pursuit of justice.

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