Unearthing Secrets: Archaeologists Discover Remains at Slovakia’s Holíč Gallows

At the site of a former gallows in the town of Holíč, Slovakia, archaeologists are conducting the first systematic examination of such a site — and learning much about the region’s history of execution.

Discoveries From The Holíč Gallows Site:

In 2022, researchers began their excavation of a former gallows site in the town of Holíč, Slovakia, near the border with the Czech Republic. They have undergone four digs since then, unearthing numerous artifacts that reveal a wealth of fascinating information about historic execution practices.

Holíč gallows excavation

Execution Methods and Curious Findings:

Based on the bodies researchers unearthed, the men were killed using a variety of execution methods. Two of these individuals were found with their hands behind their backs, indicating that they may have been hanged. Two others were found with severed cervical vertebrae, suggesting they had been beheaded. Curiously, one of the beheaded men also had his right hand cut off — a punishment typically used for crimes like perjury or “drawing a sword against a mayor.”

Historical Significance:

The excavation marks the first systematic archaeological research into a Slovakian gallows site — a moment which archaeologists believe will go down in history. No other systematic examination of similar gallows has ever been carried out in Slovakia.

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