At Least 20 Vehicles Melted Down in 2 Separate Fires: IFD Investigating

In a dramatic turn of events, the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) responded to two separate fires on Saturday evening, resulting in the destruction of at least 20 vehicles. Here’s what we know:

Fire Incident 1: South Tibbs Avenue

  • Just before 6:45 p.m., first responders were dispatched to the 6700 block of South Tibbs Avenue.
  • The fire was intentionally set and caused damage to several out-of-service semi-trailers, a cement mixer, and a semi cab.
  • Although the fire was brought under control without injuries, it led to diesel fuel leakage into a nearby creek.
  • Hazmat crews are now working diligently with Marion County Health and the Department of Public Works (DPW) to ensure environmental safety.

Firefighters battling flames

Fire Incident 2: West Vermont Street

  • Around 7:15 p.m., IFD crews rushed to the 2600 block of West Vermont Street.
  • Heavy black smoke engulfed the area, emanating from 15 cars, three semi-trucks, and a small commercial bus.
  • Swift action by firefighters extinguished the blaze within 45 minutes, and fortunately, there were no reported injuries.
  • Both incidents remain under investigation, leaving the community on edge.

Community Impact

These fires have left a trail of destruction, impacting not only the vehicles but also the environment. As the investigation unfolds, the IFD is committed to ensuring safety and preventing further incidents.

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