A Canvas of Events: Western Colorado’s Art Center Unveils a Season of Creativity

The Art Center of Western Colorado, located in the picturesque city of Grand Junction, is set to captivate art enthusiasts with a series of upcoming events that promise to blend the region’s cultural heritage with contemporary artistic expression. These events, ranging from exhibitions to interactive workshops, are designed to engage the community and celebrate the diverse artistic talent of the area.

Portals to Perception

July ushers in ‘Portals’, an exhibition by Sandra June, whose paintings are inspired by the expansive landscapes of South Dakota. Her work invites viewers to step through imaginative gateways into realms of vibrant color and dynamic composition. The exhibition is a visual feast, offering a journey through the artist’s perception of space and form.

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Western Colorado Art Center Season Events

Engaging the Community

The Art Center is not just a venue for viewing art; it is a vibrant community hub. With educational programs for both children and adults, it fosters an environment where creativity is nurtured and celebrated. The upcoming Student/Instructor exhibition showcases the fruits of this educational labor, highlighting the works of both the mentors and their protégés.

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Celebrating the Arts

The Art Center’s calendar is dotted with events that celebrate the arts in all their forms. From the ‘Art & Antlers’ festival that combines environmental appreciation with artistic expression to the ‘High Country and High Culture’ event that marries the beauty of Colorado’s landscapes with theatrical performances, there is something for everyone.

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