How to get a Western-themed license plate in Colorado

If you are a fan of the Wild West and want to show it off on your vehicle, you might be interested in a special auction that is happening in Colorado. The auction will feature 10 Western-themed license plates that you can bid on and win the exclusive rights to use in the state.

What are the license plates?

The license plates are part of a collaboration between the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, the National Western Stock Show, and the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. The license plates have different terms that relate to the Western culture and heritage, such as:

  • PRCA

The winners of the auction will not only get to display their love of the Wild West, but also support a good cause. All the proceeds from the auction will fund grants for innovative ideas to improve the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities and contribute to the National Western Stock Show Scholarship Trust.

When and where is the auction?

The auction will take place at the National Western Beef Palace Auction Arena at 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 20, 2024. You can bid live online or in person for the license plates. The auction will be part of the National Western Stock Show, which is an annual event that celebrates the Western lifestyle and agriculture. The stock show features rodeos, livestock shows, horse shows, trade shows, and more.

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Why should you participate?

The auction is a unique opportunity to get a personalized license plate that reflects your personality and passion. You will also be helping the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, which is a state entity that oversees the allocation of funds generated from the sale of specialized license plates. The committee awards grants to organizations that serve Coloradans with disabilities and promote their inclusion and empowerment.

The auction is also a way to support the National Western Stock Show Scholarship Trust, which provides scholarships to students who pursue careers in agriculture, rural medicine, and veterinary science. The trust has awarded more than $13 million in scholarships since its inception in 1983.

If you are interested in getting a Western-themed license plate, you can visit the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation website for more information and to register for the auction. You can also check out the National Western Stock Show website for more details about the event and its programs.

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