Crossroads Fitness helps people stay fit and healthy with Workout Wednesday

Fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike can benefit from the Workout Wednesday program offered by Crossroads Fitness, a local gym in Grand Junction, Colorado. The program features a variety of exercises and tips to help people improve their physical and mental well-being.

What is Workout Wednesday?

Workout Wednesday is a weekly segment that airs on KJCT8 News every Wednesday morning. It showcases different workouts and fitness tips from the trainers and staff of Crossroads Fitness, a gym that has been serving the community for over 30 years. The segment aims to inspire and motivate people to stay active and healthy, especially during the pandemic.

The workouts are designed for all levels of fitness and can be done at home or at the gym. Some of the exercises include cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates, and more. The fitness tips cover topics such as nutrition, hydration, recovery, and mental health.

Why is Workout Wednesday important?

Workout Wednesday is not only a fun and informative segment, but also a valuable resource for people who want to improve their fitness and wellness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular physical activity can help prevent chronic diseases, reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance quality of life. However, many people face barriers to exercise, such as lack of time, access, motivation, or guidance.

Crossroads Fitness helps people

That is why Workout Wednesday is important, as it provides people with easy and effective ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. The segment also encourages people to join Crossroads Fitness, where they can access state-of-the-art equipment, professional trainers, and a supportive community.

How can people participate in Workout Wednesday?

People who are interested in participating in Workout Wednesday can watch the segment every Wednesday morning on KJCT8 News, or visit the KJCT8 website to view the archived videos. They can also follow Crossroads Fitness on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where they can find more fitness content and updates.

Additionally, people can sign up for a free trial membership at Crossroads Fitness, where they can enjoy the gym’s facilities and services for seven days. They can also take advantage of the gym’s special offers and discounts, such as the New Year’s Resolution deal, which gives them 50% off the enrollment fee and a free personal training session.

What are some of the benefits of joining Crossroads Fitness?

Crossroads Fitness is more than just a gym, it is a lifestyle. By joining Crossroads Fitness, people can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to two convenient locations in Grand Junction, both open 24/7
  • A wide range of equipment, classes, and programs to suit different goals and preferences
  • A team of certified and experienced trainers and staff who can provide personalized guidance and support
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere that fosters social interaction and camaraderie
  • A holistic approach to fitness and wellness that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health

Crossroads Fitness is committed to helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals, and to making a positive impact on the community.

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