Cartier Nail Bracelet – How to Open with Ease

Cartier’s Nail bracelet is one of the brand’s most famous pieces of jewelry. It has become a fashion statement and a timeless favorite among jewelry lovers for all the right reasons. It’s sleek, elegant, and designed to last for generations. However, many people who purchase these gorgeous pieces of jewelry find themselves struggling with opening and closing the bracelet.

The good news is that with a little bit of knowledge and some practice, you can easily learn how to open and close a Cartier nail bracelet. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, giving you all the information you need to keep your bracelet securely on your wrist.

What Is A Cartier Nail Bracelet?

The Cartier Nail bracelet is a statement piece that features a sleek, simple design inspired by the construction of nail heads. The bracelet has a straight, narrow shape and is available in a range of metals, including yellow and rose gold, platinum, and silver.

This bracelet is distinguishable by the two nail head designs at each end and is worn by slipping one end of the nail into the other. It’s a gorgeous statement piece that can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets.

How To Identify A Cartier Nail Bracelet?

Before we proceed with the steps to open and close your Cartier Nail bracelet, it’s essential to know how to identify a genuine one. Cartier is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and a genuine bracelet should have a hallmark stamped on it.

The hallmark includes the Cartier name, the metal type, and a serial number. You can also look for the signature screw design in the bracelet’s head and the clasp. If you’re unsure, you can take the bracelet to a Cartier store or have it evaluated by an expert to confirm its authenticity.

How To Open Your Cartier Nail Bracelet?

1. Look for the clasp

The Cartier Nail bracelet has a clasp that resembles a nailhead and is located at one end of the bracelet. The clasp is where you need to begin to open the bracelet.

2. Twist the clasp counterclockwise

To open the bracelet, hold one end of the clasp with one hand and twist the other end counterclockwise using your other hand. Apply slight pressure to ensure it twists in the right direction.

3. Pull the bracelet apart

After twisting the clasp counterclockwise, the bracelet will begin to come apart. You can now gently pull the bracelet apart to open it. Be sure not to twist the bracelet while opening it, as it can damage the alignment of the nails.

Cartier Nail Bracelet - How to Open
Cartier Nail Bracelet – How to Open

How To Close Your Cartier Nail Bracelet?

Closing your Cartier Nail bracelet is just as easy as opening it, but you need to take care not to connect the bracelet back to front, as it’s essential to line up the nail heads for a proper fit:

1. Hold the bracelet

Hold both ends of the bracelet in your hands.

2. Align the nails

Ensure that the nail heads are aligned correctly and facing the right direction.

3. Push the bracelet together

Press both ends of the bracelet together; the nail should slip into the opening smoothly.

4. Twist the clasp clockwise

Turn the clasp clockwise to lock the bracelet in place.

What to do if Your Cartier Nail Bracelet Won’t Open?

If your Cartier nail bracelet won’t open, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to get it to open.

1. Use a Jewelry Tool

If you have a jewelry tool, use it to gently pry the clasp open. Be careful not to use too much force, or you may damage the bracelet.

2. Use Your Fingernails

If you don’t have a jewelry tool, try using your fingernails. Gently pry the clasp open with your nails, being careful not to use too much force.


Opening and closing your Cartier Nail bracelet can feel challenging at first, but it’s a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined above and practicing opening and closing your bracelet, you’ll soon master this effortless technique.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions about your bracelet’s authenticity, always seek the advice of a professional. With the right care, your Cartier Nail bracelet will last a lifetime and make a stunning addition to your jewelry collection.

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