Pursuit and Capture: The Fort Wayne Fugitive’s Final Run

In the early hours of a chilly November morning, the tranquility of Fort Wayne was shattered by the echo of gunfire at a local hotel. This incident marked the beginning of a manhunt that concluded with a dramatic vehicle pursuit in Decatur.

The Incident Unfolds

It was a disturbance that escalated rapidly, leading to a series of shots fired in the parking lot of the Springhill Suites by Marriott hotel. The hotel, nestled off Diebold Road, became a crime scene cordoned off with yellow police tape. A white Lincoln automobile, perforated with bullet holes, stood as a stark testament to the violence that had occurred. The hotel itself did not escape unscathed, suffering damage from the gunfire.

The suspect, whose identity was initially withheld, fled the scene, prompting a lockdown of nearby businesses. However, within 30 minutes, the man was located in a wooded area close to the hotel and taken into custody. The swift response by the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, with support from Indiana State Police and Fort Wayne Police officers, ensured that no one was injured in the chaos.

 Fort Wayne hotel shooting suspect arrest

The Chase and Arrest

The pursuit of justice did not end with the incident at the hotel. The suspect, later identified as Michael D. Kelso, aged 30, found himself embroiled in a series of legal charges. From attempted murder to criminal recklessness, Kelso’s actions had severe repercussions. The charges stemmed from an event at the Colony Bay apartment complex, where Kelso’s alleged attempt to shoot a former partner resulted in bullets striking an inhabited dwelling.

The narrative took a turn when Kelso, evading arrest, led authorities on a foot chase. The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Gang & Violent Crimes Unit, along with a K9 unit, were instrumental in tracking down Kelso. Despite his efforts to resist, he was apprehended and faced the consequences of his actions.

The Aftermath

The events that transpired in Fort Wayne and Decatur have left an indelible mark on the community. The repercussions of one individual’s actions have rippled through the lives of many, from the residents of the apartment complex to the law enforcement officers who worked tirelessly to ensure public safety.

The case continues to be a subject of investigation, with the legal process unfolding as Kelso faces the charges brought against him. The community, while shaken, remains resilient, with a renewed appreciation for the men and women who serve to protect.

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