Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Offers Exciting Summer Camps for Kids

Introduction: The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is buzzing with excitement as it launches its Kids for Nature Summer Camp Programs for 2024. Young adventurers can immerse themselves in a wild week of exploration, animal encounters, and unforgettable experiences. From curious PreK-K campers to spirited 5th-6th graders, there’s something for everyone at this unique summer adventure.

Zooper Senses: A Sensory Safari

Discovering How Animals Navigate Their World

In the Zooper Senses camp, our little explorers delve into the fascinating world of animal senses. Guided by expert Zoo Keepers, campers intentionally listen, see, smell, and feel their way around the zoo. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits:

  1. Listening In:
    • Campers learn how animals use their acute hearing to detect danger, find food, and communicate.
    • From the distant roar of lions to the subtle rustle of leaves, every sound tells a story.
  2. Seeing Beyond Sight:
    • Vision isn’t just about eyesight—it’s about perception. Campers observe how animals rely on keen eyes to spot prey, navigate their habitats, and recognize friends.
    • Whether it’s the vibrant plumage of tropical birds or the stealthy movements of reptiles, there’s always something captivating to see.
  3. Scent-sational Adventures:
    • Smell plays a crucial role in an animal’s life. Campers explore scent trails, discover how animals mark territory, and even try their hand (or rather, nose) at identifying different scents.
    • From fragrant flowers to musky scents, the zoo is a symphony of smells waiting to be explored.
  4. Feeling the World:
    • Texture matters! Campers touch animal pelts, scales, and feathers to understand how animals interact with their environment.
    • Whether it’s the rough hide of a rhino or the silky fur of a red panda, tactile experiences abound.

Zoo summer camp kid

Animals in Action: A Dynamic Encounter

Slither, Hop, and Waddle Along!

In the Animals in Action camp, campers get up close and personal with creatures on the move. From agile reptiles to playful penguins, here’s a glimpse of the action:

  1. Slithering Serpents:
    • Meet our snake friends! Campers learn about snake locomotion, their unique adaptations, and the importance of these legless wonders in ecosystems.
    • Whether it’s a sinuous boa or a darting garter snake, campers discover the beauty of serpentine movement.
  2. Hopping Adventures:
    • Frogs, kangaroos, and grasshoppers—oh my! Campers explore the world of hopping animals.
    • They witness the powerful leaps of kangaroos, the rhythmic jumps of frogs, and the acrobatics of grasshoppers.
  3. Waddling Wonders:
    • Penguins take center stage! Campers observe their waddling gait, their sleek feathers, and their underwater agility.
    • From the icy Antarctic to our own Penguin Point, these flightless birds steal the show.

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