Fountainvue Residents Express Concerns Following Shut-Off of Water Services


Residents of the Fountainvue mobile home park in LaFontaine, Wabash County, find themselves in a dire situation after water and sewage utility services were abruptly shut off. The dispute between the park’s owner and the town has left dozens of families without essential amenities, sparking concerns about their well-being and highlighting the complexities of utility management.

The Legal Battle

The Fountainvue mobile home park, situated just outside LaFontaine’s town limits, has relied on town utilities since 1989. However, a longstanding disagreement between the owner, Michael Cummins, and the town escalated. The central issue revolves around maintenance requirements. While Cummins claims to have fulfilled maintenance requests, the town alleges that he failed to keep up with necessary repairs.

mobile home park water shut-off

Collateral Damage

The residents, caught in the crossfire, face immense hardships. Without water, they must seek alternatives for bathing, drinking, and using the bathroom. Many are low-income individuals who cannot easily relocate. Their plight has drawn attention to the impact of utility disputes on vulnerable communities.

Seeking Relief

An emergency court hearing has left the decision of restoring water services in the hands of a judge. The residents hope for a temporary reprieve, allowing them access to basic necessities while the legal battle continues. The situation underscores the importance of clear agreements and effective communication between utility providers and property owners.

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