Alert: Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Issues Warning on Impersonation Scams

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning about a wave of scam calls where perpetrators impersonate law enforcement officers. These scammers, posing as federal agents, are threatening residents with arrest for crimes like drug trafficking unless a fine is paid directly to a supposed deputy.

Understanding the Scam

The scammers’ strategy involves a two-step approach to lend authenticity to their threats. They first accuse individuals of serious crimes and then demand payment of a fine to avoid arrest. This method preys on fear and the assumption that law enforcement might indeed call about such matters.

It’s crucial to recognize that no legitimate law enforcement officer will ever call to inform you of an active warrant for your arrest, nor will they accept payments for violations or warrants over the phone or in person.

Garfield County Sheriff Scam Warning

Recognizing and Responding to Scam Calls

When faced with potential scam calls, there are several key points to remember:

  • Legitimate agencies do not ask for debt or fine payments via gift cards.
  • If you receive a call demanding payment, wait until normal business hours and contact the main office of the agency you supposedly owe a debt to confirm.
  • Deputies will not accept payments on-site for any violations or warrants.

Protecting Yourself and Your Community

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office encourages the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious calls. By staying informed and cautious, residents can protect themselves and help prevent these scammers from causing further harm.

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