How to Deal with Psycho Ex-Wife?


Divorce is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when one of the spouses is a psycho. If you’re dealing with a psycho ex-wife, it can feel like an impossible situation. But there are ways to cope and manage your relationship with her. Here are some tips on how to deal with a psycho ex-wife.

Create Effective Methods of Communication

It’s important to establish effective methods of communication between you and your ex-wife. This will help ensure that any conversations you have to remain civil and productive. Make sure that all communication is done in writing, either through email or text messages.

This way, there is a record of what was said and agreed upon. Additionally, try to keep conversations brief and focused on the issue at hand. Avoid getting into personal matters or engaging in arguments.

Another important thing to remember is that you should not respond immediately if your ex-wife sends an angry or hostile message. Take time to cool off before responding so that you don’t say something you may regret later on. It’s also helpful to have someone else present during conversations with your ex-wife who can act as a mediator if needed.

Have Brief And Formal Meetings

When possible, try to limit contact with your ex-wife by having brief and formal meetings instead of long phone calls or emails back and forth. This will help keep things from escalating unnecessarily and give both parties time to think about what they want to say before speaking up.

During these meetings, make sure that everyone remains respectful towards each other and sticks to the topic at hand without getting sidetracked by personal issues or grievances from the past.

If possible, it may also be helpful for both parties to have their own legal representation present during these meetings so that any agreements made are legally binding and enforceable in court if necessary. Make sure that all decisions made are documented in writing so that there is no confusion later on down the line about what was agreed upon during the meeting.

How to Deal with Psycho Ex-Wife
How to Deal with Psycho Ex-Wife

Establish Strong Boundaries

It’s important for both parties involved in a divorce situation involving a psycho ex-wife to establish strong boundaries right away so that neither party feels taken advantage of or disrespected in any way.

Make sure that each person knows what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t so there aren’t any misunderstandings later on down the line about expectations for behavior between the two parties involved in the divorce proceedings.

Make sure both parties understand their rights under state law regarding child custody arrangements, alimony payments, etc., so everyone knows where they stand legally speaking throughout the entire process.

Keep The Kids Out Of It

If children are involved in the divorce proceedings between two parents who cannot get along due to one being a psycho ex-wife, it’s important for both parents to agree beforehand not to involve their children in any disputes between them or use them as pawns against each other during negotiations over child custody arrangements or visitation rights, etc.

Children should never be used as leverage against either parent during divorce proceedings; doing so can cause lasting emotional damage for them which could affect them well into adulthood if not addressed properly by both parents involved in the dispute right away.

Don’t Drink Too Much To Cope

Finally, it’s important for anyone dealing with a psycho ex-wife not to drink too much alcohol as a means of coping with stress related to their situation; this could lead down an even darker path than they were already on before drinking began affecting their life negatively.

Instead, stay strong, be bold, create a safe place for yourself, bear the weight of the situation as much as possible, and seek out professional help if necessary. Doing this will help ensure that everyone involved gets through this difficult time as unscathed as possible.


Dealing with an unhinged former spouse can be incredibly difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible. By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle whatever comes your way while still maintaining respect for yourself and those around you. With patience, understanding, and some hard work, you’ll eventually reach a resolution without letting your emotions take over.


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