How to Fix Peeling Leather Shoes?

As much as we love our favorite pair of leather shoes, the continuous wear and tear can take a toll on them. The worst part? When your beloved shoes start peeling and flaking, making them look worn out and shabby. It not only takes away the charm but also affects the durability of the shoes.

However, the good news is that fixing peeling leather shoes is not that complicated and can be done with a few simple tricks and tips. In this article, we will guide you through the best methods to fix peeling leather shoes, save their quality, and enhance their life span.

Identifying the type of leather

The first and foremost step to fixing peeling leather shoes is to determine the type of leather. Leather can be classified into different types such as full-grain, top-grain, and bonded leather.

Each type of leather has different characteristics and formulations, and therefore, the treatment method also varies accordingly. Knowing the right type of leather will help you decide the best technique to fix the peeling.

Causes of peeling leather shoes

Before we proceed to the methods, it’s essential to understand what causes peeling leather shoes. Some of the factors may include overexposure to sunlight, humidity, sweat, or using harsh cleaning agents. Identifying the causes will help you take necessary precautions to prevent further peeling in the future.

DIY techniques to fix peeling leather shoes


One of the most popular ways to fix peeling leather shoes is by using glue. For this technique, you will require leather glue, sandpaper, and a brush. Begin by cleaning the peeled area with sandpaper, apply glue into the peeled area, and press it with a clean cloth. Leave it to dry for a few hours. Once dried, sand the surface gently, and you have your fixed shoes.

How to Fix Peeling Leather Shoes
How to Fix Peeling Leather Shoes

Shoe cream:

Shoe cream is another method that can fix minor peeling in leather shoes. It helps restore the color and shine of the shoes while protecting them from any further damage. Gently apply the shoe cream into the peeled area, leave it to dry for a few minutes, and polish it with a brush.

Leather paint:

For more severe peeling, leather paint can work wonders. Leather paint is specially formulated to bond with your shoe’s surface to create a new look. Begin by cleaning the shoes thoroughly, apply a coat of leather paint with a brush, and allow it to dry for a few hours before applying another coat.

Seek professional help

In case the peeling is severe, and you find it challenging to fix it on your own, it’s best to seek professional help. A professional cobbler will have the right knowledge and skills to repair your favorite pair of shoes and make them look new again.

Preventive measures

The best way to avoid peeling of your leather shoes is by taking necessary preventive measures. Some tips to follow include, applying a leather protector for added security, cleaning the shoes regularly with a soft cloth, and storing them in a dry and cool place.


Fixing peeling leather shoes is neither difficult nor expensive. With just a few simple techniques and tips, you can save your favorite pair of shoes and enhance their durability. However, it’s essential to identify the type of leather, understand the causes of peeling, and take necessary preventive measures to avoid further damage.

Whether you choose to fix the peeling on your own or seek professional help, the most important thing is to handle your shoes with care and love to make them last longer.

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