Lutheran Air Celebrates 10,000 Patient Flights: A Remarkable Milestone

In a momentous occasion on the hospital helipad, Lutheran Air I and its dedicated flight crew celebrated a remarkable milestone: 10,000 patient flights. This achievement underscores the program’s impact on life-saving care and patient transport throughout the region over the past 18 years.

A Legacy of Rapid Care

Since its inaugural flight on May 13, 2004, Lutheran Air has been a lifeline for critically ill or injured patients. From neonatal and pediatric cases to our oldest adults, the crew’s expertise has made a significant difference. Their rapid response and transport have touched lives across northern Indiana and western Ohio.

Air ambulance in flight

The 10,000th Flight

On the evening of June 22, 2022, the crew completed the 10,000th patient flight—an impressive feat that reflects their unwavering commitment. These flights cover a radius of 150 miles from each base, strategically positioned at Portland Municipal Airport, Wabash Municipal Airport, and Starke County Airport.

Safety and Expertise

Lutheran Air’s licensed and/or board-certified crew includes a pilot, nurse, and paramedic. Their training in advanced cardiac care, trauma life support, and neonatal resuscitation ensures top-quality air ambulance services. Adhering to strict safety guidelines, including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, they prioritize patient well-being.

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