Republican Candidates Debate Key Issues in Indiana Gubernatorial Race

INDIANAPOLIS – In a spirited debate, four Republican candidates for Indiana governor took the stage on Tuesday evening for the first televised debate of the election year. The debate covered a range of topics, including taxes, marijuana legalization in Indiana, and support for small towns.

Indiana gubernatorial debate

Immigration and the Southern Border Crisis

The ongoing southern border crisis was a hot-button issue during the debate. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb had previously deployed members of the Indiana National Guard to support efforts at the border. All four candidates criticized what they saw as a “failed immigration policy” by President Joe Biden. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch pledged to continue supporting the Indiana National Guard while emphasizing the protection of Indiana’s farmland. Brad Chambers vowed to be a strong advocate on immigration, calling the border situation a “failure of the federal government.” U.S. Senator Mike Braun pointed out that Biden had undone many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, contributing to the crisis. Braun highlighted that certain state governors, including Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, have been on the “front lines” of this issue.

Revitalizing Small Towns

The debate also delved into the critical needs of small towns across Indiana. Eric Doden, former president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, emphasized his plans for small-town economic development. Doden argued that the state had “ignored and forgotten” small towns for five decades. Brad Chambers stressed that funding infrastructure was a government duty and that economic growth would put more money in people’s pockets. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch championed her “Axe The Tax” initiative as a means to drive economic growth.

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