Mike the Headless Chicken Festival: A Quirky Celebration in Fruita, Colorado

In the charming town of Fruita, Colorado, an unusual and delightful event takes center stage each year: the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival. This quirky celebration pays homage to a legendary fowl named Mike, who defied the odds and captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

The Legend of Mike

Mike’s story began in the 1940s when he was just an ordinary Wyandotte chicken living on a farm. One fateful day, Lloyd Olsen, the farmer, attempted to prepare Mike for dinner. However, the execution didn’t go as planned. Instead of meeting his demise, Mike survived—with one crucial difference: he had no head! Miraculously, Mike continued to live, eat, and even crow, baffling everyone who witnessed his headless existence.

The Festival Unveiled

Since 1999, Fruita has celebrated Mike’s remarkable tale with an annual festival. Held in the first week of June at the Fruita Civic Center Pavilion, the event draws around 18,000 attendees eager to partake in the festivities. Here’s what you can expect at the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival:

Headless Chicken Festival Fruita Colorado

1. Live Music and Entertainment

The festival pulses with energy as live bands take the stage, filling the air with toe-tapping tunes. Headliners like Josh Gracin and Natural Chemistry have graced the festival, ensuring that attendees groove to the rhythm of the celebration.

2. Culinary Delights

Food vendors line the festival grounds, offering a delectable array of treats. From classic festival fare to unique culinary creations, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss the wing and peep eating contests—competitive eaters battle it out for glory!

3. Fun and Games

Families and friends gather for free backyard games, disc golf, and other playful activities. Whether you’re testing your aim or engaging in friendly competition, the festival provides a lighthearted atmosphere for all ages.

4. Car Show Extravaganza

Car enthusiasts rejoice! The festival hosts a car show where vintage classics, hot rods, and custom vehicles steal the spotlight. Admire the craftsmanship, chat with fellow car aficionados, and revel in the automotive nostalgia.

5. Pancake Breakfast

Start your day right with a hearty pancake breakfast. Served fresh and fluffy, these pancakes fuel festival-goers for a day of excitement and exploration.

A Feathered Legacy

As the sun sets over Fruita, the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival continues to weave its enchanting tale. Visitors leave with smiles, memories, and a newfound appreciation for the extraordinary chicken who defied all odds. So, mark your calendar for next year’s festivities, and join the feathered legacy of Mike in this one-of-a-kind celebration.

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