New French Education Minister Pap Ndiaye guarantees ‘month to month assessment’ of breaks of secularism in schools

The absence of late figures was bringing up issues. On Sunday, June 26, the Education Ministry conveyed the number of breaks of secularism answered to it between December 2021 and March 2022, re-sending off the quarterly evaluation exercise to which previous Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer had committed himself.

These statistics, taken care of by the cautions given by school chiefs, shows 627 detailed risky circumstances, a big part of them coming from center schools, the other half from secondary schools and grade schools (28% and 22% individually). This is 9 fewer cases than in the past report distributed toward the beginning of December 2021. The service underscores an “adjustment” of the peculiarity.

Pap Ndiaye
Pap Ndiaye

Taken exhaustively, the new statistics affirm, nonetheless, the increment of a specific classification of encroachments which, these last weeks, have centered the political and media consideration: the wearing of signs or garments not in similarity with the law of 2004 denying flashy strict images in government-funded schools. With 139 cases, this class “turns into the greater part”, composed the service in an official statement given on Sunday, June 26. It addresses 22% of the reports (+7 focuses). In front of the refusal of school exercises (8%) or challenges more than lessons (10%), two classes which are both somewhere near two focuses.

The count is nowhere near the “pandemic” of “Islamic dress” referenced by the paper L’Opinion, on June 2. The articulation had made the French president respond, that very day, when addressed during an outing to Marseille. “Likewise with any matter, when there are pestilences, there should be side effects, and we measure,” said Emmanuel Macron. “There should be no restrictions, no preclusions, and no dreams. So I need truth and lucidity on every one of the information.”

From that point forward, a note from the focal help of regional knowledge, unveiled by the radio RTL on June 14, had measured 144 the reports in the school climate recorded on the Interior Ministry, bringing out an “unmistakable upsurge” of the peculiarity.

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