Trailblazing into 2024: Promenade Park Launches TrekTread Trails Season

Fort Wayne’s Promenade Park is set to become the nexus of outdoor activity as it kicks off the 2024 TrekTread Trails season. This initiative promises to weave the community closer to nature through a series of guided trails designed for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The Inaugural Event

The season’s launch is marked by an event that’s as much a celebration as it is a starting signal. On April 30th, the park will be abuzz with enthusiasts eager to tread the trails. The event is not just about the trails; it’s a community gathering, complete with a Trails Celebration Party.

The festivities include more than just the trails; TEDS Snack+ Bar will offer food and drinks, ensuring that the participants are well-fueled for their adventures. It’s a perfect blend of nature, nurture, and neighborly love.

Promenade Park TrekTread Trails kickoff

The Trails Beckon

The TrekTread Trails aren’t just paths; they’re a commitment to health, wellness, and environmental stewardship. The trails are meticulously planned to showcase the natural beauty of Fort Wayne while providing a safe and enjoyable route for all.

The schedule post-launch includes varied locations, each offering a unique experience. From the serene surroundings of Fellowship Missionary Church to the vibrant atmosphere of Buckner Park, there’s a trail for every preference.

A Community Effort

This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration. Spearheaded by the City of Fort Wayne and Fort Wayne Trails, with support from local organizations, it’s a shining example of what can be achieved when a community comes together.

The TrekTread Trails season is more than just a series of events; it’s a movement towards a healthier, more connected community. It’s an invitation to step outside, to explore, and to become one with the trails.

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